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Graduate Student Alumni

Erin Lang (Ph.D. May 2022, Northrop-Grumman Future Technical Leaders)
Anni Shi (Ph.D. May 2022, CU Boulder PD with Daniel Schwartz)
Jeremiah Bechtold (Ph.D. May 2021, Antique)
Tyler Hayes (Ph.D. Dec 2020, Adhesion Research)
Tyson Davis (Ph.D. Aug 2020, Adhesion Research)
Ashlin Porter (Ph.D. May 2019, NRL PD with Jake Fontana)
John Biechele-Speziale (MS, May 2019, Bloomerang)
Shane Russell (Ph.D. Dec 2018, Dow DuPont)
Jae Jin Bang (Ph.D. Dec 2018, UIUC PD with Ralph Nuzzo, Dyson, Twelve)
Terry Villarreal (Ph.D. Aug 2018, Northern Arizona University)
Shi Wah Choong (Ph.D. May 2018, Intel)
Kortney K. Rupp (MS, May 2015, Chemical librarian, UC Berkeley)

Purdue Undergraduate Alumni
Joseph D’Aliberti (Spring 2020–Fall 2021)
Tianhong Ouyang (Fall 2017–Spring 2020; now graduate student Boston University)
Anoushka Mehta (Fall 2019)
Kathryn Yammine (Fall 2014; now graduate student MIT)
Jessica Ma (Fall 2015-Spring 2016; now at Novo Nordisk)
Xiuyu Ye (Spring 2016; now at Aptiv Technology Partners)
Skylar Kiefer (Fall 2017)
Caroline Petersen (Fall 2017–Spring 2018)
Jacob Brooks (Fall 2016–Spring 2018; now at Eurofins PSS)
Yingqi Chen (Fall 2017–Spring 2018)
Alyssa Shuey (Spring 2018; now at Tempus Labs)

REU Undergraduate Alumni
Justin Patterson (2016)
Ashley Arcidiacono (2017; now graduate student, Florida State University)
Ashley Saunders (2018; now graduate student, Stanford)
Rizana Tatlock (2021; currently an undergraduate at Georgetown University)

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